Tomato PHP


it's straightforward to use our package by just creating a new migration and migrating it after your table and schema are ready to use this command
php artisan tomato:generate
it will ask you to input the table name and bingo you get the full CRUD ready.

What is the file we are generating?

you build a full CRUD with some files like
  • Controller [app\Http\Controllers\Admin]
  • Model [app\Models]
  • Requests [app\Http\Requests\TABLE]
  • Views [resources\views\admin\TABLE]
  • Routes [routes\web.php]

Tomato Helper

you can use Tomato::class helper on your controller or override it
if you went to use Laravel-medialibrary with a helper you could do that
$data = Tomato::store(
request: $request,
model: \App\Models\Customer::class,
message: 'Customer created successfully',
redirect: 'customers.index',
hasMedia: true,
collection: "photos",
multi: true
as you see you can use
hasMedia to make the helper accept media and use
collection to set the collection name and use
multi to allow it to accept multi files