🎟️Install PHPMyAdmin

the valet has been installed now, let's go and install PHPMyAdmin and link it with the .test subdomain using valet first of all, create a folder for your sites on the home directory ~

cd ~
mkdir Sites
cd Sites

now we are on the Sites path, let's park this directory to be the directory of our projects

valet park

now any project on this directory will be auto-linked with subdomain .test, let's download PHPMyAdmin from this link and unzip the file inside the Sites directory and rename the folder to PHPMyAdmin, after that go inside the folder and use this command

cp config.sample.inc.php config.sample.php
nano config.sample.php

change the line to

$cfg['blowfish_secret'] = 'YK07LhNSe50vrj,HwBfb.l3gpbv;u8b7',

now use CTRL + x and say Y now we will use valet to link PHPMyAdmin and secure the link with SSL

valet link
valet secure
valet open

now you can see the PHPMyAdmin working and you can use root as the user and the password you created to MySQL to login

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