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Generate CRUD


thanks for Tomato PHP generator plugin so you now can generate a full CRUD, you need to install it first to use this feature

Create Migration

first, make a migration like
php artisan make:migration create_customer_table
after you fill migration with your schema run migration
php artisan migrate

Generate CRUD

it's straightforward to use our package by just creating a new migration and migrating it after your table and schema are ready to use this command
php artisan tomato:generate
it will ask you to input the table name and bingo you get the full CRUD ready.

What is the file we are generating?

you build a full CRUD with some files like
  • Controller [app\Http\Controllers\Admin]
  • Table [app\Tables]
  • Model [app\Models]
  • Views [resources\views\admin\TABLE]
  • Routes [routes\web.php]