as we like to add more customization to our dashboard we added a new Facade Class TomatoSlot it's used to attach a view to anywhere on the dashboard from any service provider, which means you can create a package to add a button in every single view on the app.


on your service provider just add

use TomatoPHP\TomatoAdmin\Facade\TomatoSlot;

public function boot()


 * @method static navAfterUserDropdown(string $navAfterUserDropdown)
 * @method static navBeforeUserDropdown(string $navBeforeUserDropdown)
 * @method static navLeftSide(string $navLeftSide)
 * @method static sidebarTop(string $sidebarTop)
 * @method static sidebarBottom(string $sidebarBottom)
 * @method static footer(string $footer)
 * @method static dashboardBottom(string $dashboardBottom)
 * @method static dashboardTop(string $dashboardTop)
 * @method static layoutButtons(string $layoutButtons)
 * @method static layoutTitle(string $layoutTitle)
 * @method static layoutTop(string $layoutTop)
 * @method static layoutBottom(string $layoutBottom)
 * @method static layoutButtoms(string $layoutButtoms)
 * @method static logoSection(string $logoSection)

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